Did you know that the average rainfall in Canada has increased by 12% in the last ten years?

Here are 5 ways that you can help prevent water damage in your home:


Roof, Eaves and Windows

Check the condition of your roof – even small leaks can be the sign of much bigger problems. Keep eaves troughs and window wells clear of debris. Ensure that below grade window wells have drains.  It is especially important to inspect and clear in the fall when leaves often collect in the drains and create pooling along the foundation.


Alarms and Sensors

Install a water sensor and alarm that can detect a water leak. Aviva provides discounts for homes with these systems. And a smart home monitoring system lets you monitor key conditions in your home from an app on your phone.



Take a thorough walk around the and make note of where water would naturally collect during a strong rain storm.  These conduits should be kept clear and have sufficient capacity to manage significant amounts of water. Direct water from downspouts attached to eaves troughs at least 2 meters away from your home’s foundation with materials that will not erode over time.


Sump Pump

Ensure the sump pump collects well near the walls of the foundation and from an internal trench that encompasses the edge of the entire structure.  Be certain that a slight grade exists to prevent pooling. Then ensure that it is externally connected to the storm sewer system or empties onto the lawn at least 2 meters from the foundation wall.  As always be mindful of the slope of the property when draining onto the property.



Do not keep valuables or important documents in the basement.  If you do have equipment in the basement, ensure that it is propped up on water proof structures, and that any documents or valuables are in sealed water tight containers, and several feet off the ground.